3D Metrology

In Manufacturing Quality Assurance, 3D Metrology is holding a special position.

The associated QA software needs to integrate into a complex system landscape featuring CAD, feature planning, CNC programming and a mix of tactile and optical measurement devices. In addition, because many measured characteristics do not directly represent product quality, functional characteristics may need to be calculated.

The biggest challenge often is a large number of quality characteristics, ranging into the thousands for complex assemblies. Meaningful assessment of this large amount of data requires a data management platform with comprehensive graphical reporting capability, and flexible data aggregation through all control loops - from Shop Floor 1-click reports to Management Dashboard.

In this environment QC-S provides you with the software that is the best fit. And with our experience and expertise, we provide the guidance and professional services to implement, operate, and grow your quality system.


3D Metrology

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The 2019 Control Show in Stuttgart is getting close, and once again we offer you warm hospitality in our booth. From May 07 - 10, you will find us in Hall 5 / Booth 5600-1, close to our friends from QDA Solutions.

We are looking forward to sit down with you in a pleasant atmosphere to talk about current challenges and other topics, which everyday business meetings do not always leave time for. This year, John Fithian from our North America office will be attending.


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