Enterprise Quality Management System (QMS)

Running a world-class manufacturing operation requires hours of work every day, performed by fairly sophisticated tech people. Machine setups, Inspections, Control Plans, Data collection, and Document Mgmt. workflows are executed by sophisticated engineers and technicians, reliably setting up production machines and test equipment from multiple vendors and disparate technologies.

Clearly, today there is a big expense in doing this, and everyone would love to streamline the process with QMS software. But there are big problems and difficulties in doing so.

What’s hard about it is that it requires:

  • a ton of factory experience and,
  • software engineers who are not just technical, but also have an aesthetic for shop floor workflow. These are some of the highest cost people you can get.

Once you have this kind of software, in order for it to be reliable, it has to go through 5 to 6 thousand test cycles, so, unless you have big anchor clients who are willing to play around with it, support development of it, and deal with some holes, you can’t have a market-ready solution.

QMS software combines multiple applications in one package, to manage a tightly integrated collection of Quality Mgmt. tasks, all contained in a common database. No more “knitting at the seams” where data is combined for Reports and Management Dashboards.

QMS software is optimized for factory floor data management. All modules of the application work together, and are managed as one synchronous application. Supplier inspections, SPC, Quality Planning, Analysis and Reports, CAPA, and Management dashboards are consolidated into a shared database.

QMS software is an elegant solution, designed and streamlined for the manufacturing environment, delivering a standardized Quality Assurance and data management platform, which used to be provided by multiple, independent applications.


Enterprise Quality Management (QMS)

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Integrated
  3. Customizable


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