LaserGauge Integration

Advanced Gap & Flush monitoring with the LG software suite

Anyone measuring gaps in the automotive or aircraft industry cannot avoid the LaserGauge from our partner Jotbe. The continuously high level of innovation behind the LaserGauge guarantees repeatable results even with the most demanding measuring tasks.

As a software partner of Jotbe, we offer solutions for further integration of the LaserGauge into your system landscape. Our standard applications from the LG family form the basis for this and are supplemented by project-specific custom development if required.

LG Monitor

Real-Time Monitoring & Ad Hoc Reporting

LG Monitor is the lean, high-performance gap data reporting tool. It builds directly on your existing LGWorks inspection plans and visualizes LaserGauge results immediately after they are measured. In fact, so immediate that LG Monitor is the obvious choice for real-time monitoring, e.g. on the assembly line. Tried-and-tested evaluation layouts are predefined in the software so that you don't have to waste any more time designing reports.

Use Cases:

  • Ad hoc analysis for plausibility checks of measurements before transmission to central databases.
  • Real-time monitoring directly in the line
  • Grafic measurement reporting including long-term statistics and dashboard charts


  • Links to existing LaserGauge file structure
  • Immediate response to LGWorks and LaserGauge sensors
  • No database, no administration
  • Intuitive operation


  FREE Edition: Access to single measurement reports incl. 60-day trial for BASIC Edition. Download LG Monitor
  BASIC Edition: This is all you need for ad hoc reporting
  ADVANCED Edition: Our all-round happy package supporting ad hoc reporting, in-line monitoring and rework control. ADVANCED also allows customization via script API.


  Installation: Local or server
  Licenses: Local, server, site
  Database: None (local LaserGauge files)
  Reports: Trend charts, profiles, KPIs, etc.
  Dashboards: Shift stats, line cycle chart, pareto, OK percentage, first pass yield
  Script API: Yes

LG Planner

Modular Inspection Planning for Variants and Body Types

Does that sound familiar: car or truck models are produced with a large variety of body types and variants? Because of variant-dependent measuring points, also variant-dependent inspection plans need to be created. But having to maintain the many variant-independent measuring points redundantly is time-consuming and error-prone. This is where LG Planner comes in: only create smaller, reusable master routines in LGWorks. In LG Planner then, these master routines can be chosen and compliled into actual work routines. Just like you assemble the car itself! LG Planner keeps track of the dependencies between master and work routines. Central changes to the master project can be transferred to all affected work routines with just a few clicks.

In addition, LG Planner can also be used to create special LG Monitor report plans (*.mseq) from existing master routines (*.seq). This way, reports can be created to evaluate shared measuring points across different variants and body types.


    Installation: Local or server
  Database: SQL Server or embedded
  Licensing model: Per station, server or site
  Script API: Yes

LG DataHub

LaserGauge In-Line Integration

Do you plan to measure in-line, in other words in sync with the assembly line? Then the LaserGauge must be connected to the conveyor control. A simple PLC interface alone may not be sufficient to do the job. The PLC often does not provide all the necessary information to activate the appropriate inspection plan on the gage. Instead, additional data like model, body type and variant is required from higher-level systems, which in turn require individual interface technologies. LG DataHub controls all of this. Look at it as a virtual circuit board with programmable ports and switches. Scalable, highly performant and reliably available. In fact, customers tell us that the DataHub downtime rate is well below that of comparable systems.

The further processing of the resulting measurement results is just as important as controlling the measurement technology. In addition to reporting the overall status to the conveyor control, other systems may also need to be supplied with the results. This may include your quality system, the control station, rework systems and, if necessary, the workers in the small control loop. No matter how specialized your rule process, using the Scripting API, our DataHub will do exactly what you want it to do.


    Installation: Local
  Database: None
  Licensing model: Per Station
  Interfaces: TCP/IP, file, OPC, Siemens-Aklan, Zeiss PiWeb, etc.
  Script API: Yes

Rework Control in Vehicle Assembly

Realtime Monitoring of Rework Tasks

What exactly needs to be reworked and what do the failing points look like? Nobody asks this question more often than the worker in rework and probably nobody knows the answer better than the measuring system! In this sense, we consider measurement and rework as a coherent system. This applies even more if the rework is integrated into the line and should be done in sync with it. With LG Monitor we visualize the vehicle just arriving and show the worker the deviating points. Don't waste valuable time reading consignment notes and identifying failures that need to be reworked. And above all: avoid costly offline rework by letting your vehicles leave the assembly line with a pass status.

If you would like to learn more about how a German car manufacturer reduced their offline rework rate to 2% (!) of the pre-level with this solution, contact us.