PiWeb Reporting

We create your graphical reports
in the field of dimensional metrology.
With ZEISS PiWeb.

We offer you the conception, design and creation of your reports.

  • Optionally on site
  • Project-related or as part of continuous support
  • Across all control loops (from the individual measurement report to analyzes and the management dashboard)

We have 20+ years of experience in the areas of:

  • QA / metrology
  • Body, powertrain, interior, components
  • OEMs and suppliers
PiWeb Reporting

We create your graphical reporting in the area of ​​QA and metrology based on the software that you already use - ZEISS PiWeb, QDA or any other. We offer advisory as well as collaborative services. In this context, our services include the conceptual design, implementation and maintenance of your reporting system. We design your various report templates and create your actual reports. We provide our services project-related, temporarily to bridge personnel bottlenecks, or on a continuous basis. Depending on the various report purposes, very individual evaluation layouts may be applied. Whether it's an individual measurement report, special cause analysis or management dashboard - the right report is provided for every control loop. We work either on our premises or at your location. By letting us take care of the report creation, you benefit from our many years of experience with a large number of projects in the automotive industry. Other advantages include: need-based deployment of personnel, high availability, adherence to deadlines and cost control.

PiWeb by Zeiss

ZEISS PiWeb is established worldwide as the universal reporting software in the field of 3D metrology. The scalable database system enables the analysis and documentation of measurement data in a meaningful and individually designed way. The report designer's Microsoft Visio-like user interface provides a huge number of graphic shapes and diagrams that offer almost unlimited possibilities for designing reports. The diagrams, statistics and CAD representations used visualize your measurement data precisely for the respective analysis task. Integrated CAD tools provide best possible exposure of 3D measurement data. If there is a requirement to submit quality documentation towards end customers, a flexible reporting system is essential, because every customer has individual requirements in terms of content and graphic representation of the quality data. With PiWeb, parts suppliers are thus easily able to reproduce the layouts established by their customers and thus ensure the highest possible level of customer acceptance. PiWeb allows a wide variety of customizable templates for a wide variety of end users such as operators, production staff, QM or management. Within the reports, results ​​can be aggregated and completely new information content can be provided using additional calculation functions.

PiWeb's open database interface allows read and write access to all data, even from external systems. For the realization of such system interfaces as well as for the implementation of custom functionality, we recommend our PiKit. Contact us and we will be happy to hear about your requirements!

Report Examples

Measurement Report: Coordinates

Assembly Analysis: Tailgate Fit

Process Control: Cylinder Location & Trend

Dashboard: Performance by Assembly

Key Characteristic Analysis: Actuals and Assembly Sequence

PiWeb Customization with PiKit

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